About e-vPay

e-vPay is an exclusive and convenient money platform for users to make online purchases from participating stores, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Security and Privacy

e-vPay’s system is always up-to-date to give you the best service.

Account Security

With the advance anti-fraud measures like ID authentication and real-time monitoring, e-vPay surely is 100% safe and secure all the time!

To continually enhance user protection:

  • • Never give your e-vPay information to anyone.
  • • Check your transaction history regularly.
  • • Set “internet strong” passwords.
  • • Update your web browser and other devices used in accessing e-vPay.
  • • Always log out of e-vPay after use.
  • • Avoid using public networks when accessing your e-vPay account.

Privacy Policy

e-vPay strictly adheres to existing laws, rules, and regulations in protecting customers’ personal information and highly treats them with confidentiality.


  • • e-vPay is Verisign-verified.
  • • e-vPay has an EV SSL Certificate and Verisign Extended Validation SSL Technology that ensures strongly encrypted communication that prevents any malicious activities.
  • • Secure, 24/7, fire-wall monitoring

Credit Card Services

CreditCard Optimisation is a registered agent of an FCA regulated company, OnestopMoneyManager Ltd FRN 900044.


  • Name: CreditCard Optimisation Limited
  • Address: 4th Floor, Park Gate,161-163 Preston Road, BN1 6AF, Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
  • Company No.: 03012533

CreditCard Optimisation Limited is the managing agent reference to IPAYMENTS LIMITED as the operating entity. CreditCard Optimisation Limited and IPAYMENTS LIMITED provide e-vPay service with VISA/MasterCard processing.

Usage and Purpose of Personal Information

e-vPay administers customer verification processes to enhance its services, always prioritizing the increase of customer satisfaction. Personal information is used ONLY for these specific purposes:

  • • To provide e-vPay service to customers.
  • • To provide third-party consignment.
  • • To verify the identity of a client.
  • • To secure the platform—free from malicious activities.
  • • Assist other financial institutions to accommodate customers’ request for transactions and investigation.
  • • To uphold the rights agreed upon by both parties based on the terms and agreements.
  • • And to continuously improve our efforts to serve you better.


e-vPay may be required to disclose the customer’s personal information to the government or associated financial institution. In these cases, it will follow protocols ensuring the client’s safety.


You are bound to the privacy policy of the company when using this website. Where there are discrepancies among the English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean versions, the English version shall apply and prevail.