Secure, Fast and Simple

e-vPay is your reliable online shopping payment partner.

Personal Account

Enjoy a safe and convenient online shopping experience.

Corporate Account

Secure user-friendly online shop payment solutions for businesses.



Access 24/7 online deposits and other transactions anywhere.

Use your PC, laptop or any mobile devices to make e-vPay transactions 24/7 worldwide. Get an automated e-mail notification for every successful deposit or money transfer.



Transfer funds directly to and from an e-vPay account and a bank.


Instantly fund accounts via transfers between e-vPay accounts.


Use VISA or MasterCard credit cards to deposit funds to e-vPay.


All e-vPay transactions are highly protected.

All e-vPay transactions are protected by high-grade industry standard security and anti-fraud solutions, regularly updated to eliminate any possible threats.

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e-vPay has several payment solutions that promote business growth.

e-vPay enables merchants to grow their ventures through several instant payment services. Merchants can connect their e-vPay to third-party money platforms for fast payments with any of the 20 currencies anytime.


Allows customers to shop at a merchant's website.

Payment Option

Allows customers to pay using e-vPay.

Completing Payment

Allows customers to complete online transactions hassle-free using e-vPay.

Why choose E-VPay?

Multi-currency account

Shopping made easier! Because with e-vPay, you can shop with 20 different supported currencies.

Several Money-In Methods

You can fund your e-vPay Accounts through bank transfers, internationally or locally, via your credit cards, or through e-vPay to e-vPay transfers.

Fast and Secure Third-party Account Transfers

Transfers between e-vPay Accounts and online shopping transactions are all instant and secure.

FCA Regulated

E-VPAY observe strict rules as set out by the Financial Conduct Authority to ensure an appropriate degree of protection on customers’ money.

Multi Currency

e-vPay is a multi-currency account. Enjoy ease of shopping thru 20 supported currencies.

A variety of ways to deposit to e-vPay

You can deposit funds to your e-vPay using a bank wire or a credit card. Transfers between e-vPay happen automatically.

Instant transfer to third-party account

The e-vPay allows instant transfer to a third-party account, which greatly reduces the time delay compared with international transfer. It can also be used for online shopping anywhere on the Internet.